Money never sleeps...

Cruisin' On Ice

Run: “Cruisin’ on Ice”

  • Johnson: Joeli
  • Objective: Mark Retrieval/ Counter Extraction; 5 day time limit;
  • Payout: 27,000 nuyen + 1000 Horizon Corp Script + Intel
  • Status: In Progress: 13 hours passed from initial meet


  1. Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne
  2. Bella
  3. Devi
  4. Dawg / Grump
  5. Thomas Jeb Stuart


_NPCs Present:
Unknown: Bodyguard: Joeli

Secondary: Encounters
Matrix/Info Search: “Eliminators”: Astrid
“Gone Fishin’”: Lake Lucerne: Auburn


  • Joeli calls meet: Pier 37: Tacoma: offers and retrieval job
  • Joeli + Marseilles provide Intel on mark and related info
  • Informed of Eliminators as extraction team; holding mark for “leverage” on client for motivation and productivity issue.
  • Devi does matrix search: discovers Hacker on overwatch
  • Bella, Jeb, and Grump, utilize contacts: info brokers and havens to obtain details on opposing team.
  • Devi pursues Matrix search on Eliminators; meets with Astrid; negotiates stats/tactics: 5K nuyen: covered by Grump
  • Aine performs Astral trace on mark; locates position on Lake Lucerne
  • Jeb + Grump perform recon; Jeb encounters Astral Mage overwatch armed with Water Spirit



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