Money never sleeps...

Dark and Stormy Night (cont.)

Run: “Dark and Stormy Night”

  • Johnson: Manny
  • Objective: Proof of Life/Death: 1 Mark; Paydata Retrieval; Snatch/Grab: Misc.
  • Payout: 60,000 nuyen; (vehicle: “loaner”; Enviro-Suits:5); Paydata (various); “Artifacts” (various: fence-able items)
  • Status: Completed
  • Karma: 7 (Main story= 4; Bonus: Survivors: +3)


  1. Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne
  2. Bella
  3. Devi
  4. Grump
  5. Thomas Jeb Stuart


NPCs Present:

Secondary: Encounters

  1. Shadows of Annubus
  2. Posession: Saved Victim
  3. Crazed Guardian: Saved Victim
  4. Frankenstein: Saved Victim


  • Breach Second Floor: Sub-level 1
  • Sweep Floor: Discover Troll Mage
  • Encouter Shadow Spirits (5); De-possession/Banishment
  • Discover Surviving Guard
  • Egyptian Magic / Ritual research: Modern, Shinto, and Egyptian Warding adaptations
  • Download Research Data: Paydata
  • Breach Third Floor: Sub-level 2
  • Sweep Floor: All reseachers / Security dead; one survivor
  • Drop Guard at Medical for Detox
  • Mage / survivor treated at Rook /Coons Safehouse



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