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Explosion in Tourist-ville claims the life of a community 'good guy'

January 3, 2071; 22:01:44
KIRO Eyewitness News: Channel 7: Seattle
Posted by: Reporter: Michelle Davenport

Good Evening, everyone; this is Michelle Davenport with the 10 o’clock Eyewitness news report.

Our story tonight comes from the surviving suburb of Redmond that ‘Seattle-ites’ have come to refer to as “Tourist-ville”. At approximately 04:55:22 this morning, Unit #78 of the Seattle Fire and Rescue, responded to reports of an explosion off 1st Ave NE and NE Juniper St. resulting in one fatality.

The victim has been identified as one, William Robert “Billy” Patterson; Human Male; Age: 44; survived by: (no registered next of kin); a registered UCAS citizen who was the owner and operator of “Billy’s Saloon”, located along 180th Ave NE and NE Redmond Fall City Rd.

Given the MetroPlex Security Regulations imposed on the area, SFR were hesitant to enter the area. LoneStar Police were not obligated and chose not to respond to the incident under the regulation. Despite LS objections and superficial warnings, the SFD Unit #78 crew moved to a secure vantage point to monitor the situation. SFR attempted to use an aerial drone to have a more practical means of on-site assessment; however the drone’s avionics incurred a malfunction upon entering the threat and was forced to return the staging area.

Firefighters on the scene were reduced to using hand image enhancement units with fewer capabilities and could only modestly assess the building in question; a two story depot, sporadically ablaze, and collapsed partially. Firefighters were concerned with secondary aftereffects that might occur leading to a cascading inferno onto other structures and “debris” that could potential drift southeast onto I-90 and spread into the northern quarter of Issaquah and Olde Town, Bellevue.

Knight Errant Special Operations Team “one-seven-Charlie” were posted off I-90 East and were given sanction to assist and provide sentry for the SFR to contain and subdue the blaze, effectively and securely. An aerial unit patrolling Bellevue airspace was diverted and orbited the scene as the KE SOT 17C provided armed escort. KE officers secured the perimeter as the aerial unit provided what one SOT member deemed “overwatch” (perimeter surveillance and tactical assessment).

SFR firefighters were able to contain the primary and secondary fires in and around the collapsed building. Rescue teams used smaller, compact drones to breach the collapse and assess for victims. Rescue Drones were able to discover the rather twisted and crushed remains of Patterson. The drone was able to retrieve a DNA sample and returned it to rescue workers which aided in the identification of the deceased. The SFR crew members were able to extract Patterson’s remains and transferred them to DocWagon Center in Issaquah in East Bellevue to handle the general autopsy to determine the true cause of death.

Although given the Security Protocols placed on the area of the incident, KE officers opted to perform a “field appraisal”. Their initial findings were that the building was destroyed with “shape charges”, set in a demolition fashion, vaguely resembling pattern(s)used with standard construction “demo” practices. Officers on the scene reported that the “demo” was possibly used to cover up a homicide. With the fire and scene contained, SFR and KE SOT 17C left the area.

LoneStar Patrol officers arrived to file the report after the SFR and KE SOT unit returned to the initial staging point after the radioed in the “all clear” or “10-26”. KE officers shared their findings with the LS detective on scene. The LS detective allowed me to “tag along” in the interest of the investigation, though remarked rather bleakly, “The people around that area aren’t going to be willing to talk.” The intent was to determine when he was last seen and establish a timeline of events that led to the discovery of Patterson’s body.

According to general urban scans and tags on the Seattle hub, “Billy’s Saloon” is commented and credited as an relaxed and average rated tavern that local “Tourist-ville” patrons repeatedly refer to as a “Blue Collar Man’s kinda of bar.” The establishment was still up and running at 08:34:26 when we arrived, though there were a few severely inebriated and passed out patrons present, the general temperament of the wait staff was to send some on their way or permitted to “sleep it off”. There were a decent amount of still coherent people milling about, mostly shift workers coming off the clock seeking a bit of relaxation from a hard day’s work.

Though very skeptical and reserved with the presence of an LS Officer probing for information, the mood became less standoffish upon word of Patterson’s demise. There was a shared shock amongst all present. Several patrons and employees became adamant on volunteering any and every detail that they hoped would help the investigation.

Many repeatedly remarked that Patterson was “good people” and “the kinda guy ya just couldn’t help but like”. As for the facts surrounding the event s of his evening prior to his death, witnesses stated, by their own accounts, the same relative scenario.

  1. At approximately 21:30 to 21:45, a couple of “regulars” and a “new girl”, of unknown name(s) and vague description (patrons and staff knew of them yet knew little ABOUT them), came into the establishment. The three persons of interest were described as a “hot blonde”, “a creepy elf guy” (the two regulars), and “this cute little dwarf girl” (new girl). The trio came in the tavern, sat at the bar, ordered up drinks, and kept to themselves.
  2. Patterson approached the trio at the bar after a few minutes, as he would any of his patrons, regular or new, and a friendly exchange was had for a few minutes between them. Laughs and words were exchanged as Patterson indulged himself to a drink as well.
  3. A few more friendly words were exchanged and the trio went outside. Patterson told a couple of his employees that he had to make a “beer run”, which was not assume all that uncommon for him to replenish his stores, so no one assumed anything was wrong, aside from a passing off character comment said to his bouncer.
  4. Patterson sated, “Take good care of the place, I’m leaving you in charge.” The troll bouncer, who wished to remain anonymous, said “I thought it was kind odd when he said it. I mean he never said anything like that to me before.”
  5. Witnesses said Patterson left the premises in his antique 1978 Chevrolet Truck, which was commented on as “his baby” and that “everyone knew not to F@#$ with.”

Upon his departure, none of his employees thought much towards him not returning promptly, as they assumed it was mostly a way for him to get away for a while or what can be assumed as “personal time”. Many noted that “this place was all he had and he was never far from it.”

The LS detective scanned his interface for information and locating Patterson’s vehicle. Given the “antique” standing of his vehicle, it was not required to nor did Patterson register any upgrades or modifications to current standards and equipment. Any attempt to locate the vehicle via AutoNav and/or Seattle Grid System tracking was futile. It is left to ponder if perhaps Patterson was the unfortunate victim of a “Car Jacking” gone wrong or some other random act of violence. The LS detective was rather unfeeling over the situation and held no optimism towards solving the case. The LS detective documented the statements and simply filed and shut the report calling it “a lost cause”.

KE officers on the scene were willing to follow up with this story as new information was passed along by this reporter, and not LS, whom have unofficially closed the case, the KE officers stated that they were “torn over the fact that given the precision of the “demo” complied with the approximate six hour “gap in time” between the last visual sighting and the time Patterson’s body was found, “in their professional opinion” Patterson’s homicide was pre-meditated in some fashion.”

LS officials have released the following statement to KIRO News: “LoneStar Police Dept.: Seattle has assessed the evidence and information regarding this case and have determined that all credible means sources have been exhausted and until new information arises, the case will be deferred to their ‘cold case’ division. At this time, we are declaring the deceased as victim of circumstantial/accidental death incurred while in the commission of a trespassing in a high risk quarantined, security zone.”

KE officials have released this statement to KIRO News: “Knight Errant Security Forces, having lawfully and willingly committed to aiding the Seattle Fire and Rescue Department, in pursuit of public safety, in a registered threat area, will continue to monitor for any details regarding this case and will continue to keep the case upon until such time as the evidence proving/disproving anything related to this homicide. Knight Errant cannot confirm nor deny that the circumstantial evidence, present at this time, warrants anything other than a standard homicide registry under the UCAS penal code. Any person with credible information related to this particular case is encouraged notify Knight Errant Security Forces. All credible information may entitle the witness to a monetary reward (where applicable).”

In closing, KIRO will continue to stream all updated material on this breaking story on our KIRO News blog interface and this reporter’s online commentaries journal. On a personal note, anyone with information regarding the incident(s) surrounding Mr. Patterson’s untimely demise are strongly encouraged to please come forward. Mr. Patterson was a revered by many in his community and will surely be missed by many. Myself, and the rest of the KIRO News extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to any and all extend family, associates, and acquaintances of the late Mr. Patterson.

This is Michelle Davenport, KIRO Channel 7 Eyewitness News, reporting.
Thank you for your time, Good Night.


Poor Billy, or did was it a cover… Between the Corps and the Runners it’s just so hard to tell.


I was guessing he is living out bye Ghost and Fireside :P


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