Money never sleeps...

Feng Shui

Run: “Feng Shui”

  • Johnson: Calypso
  • Objective: Item Retrieval: 5 targets
  • Payout: 90,000 nuyen (33K paid upfront); Fake ID’s: Vancouver; drop points (optional); Info Support (optional)
  • Status: In Progress


  1. Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne
  2. Bella
  3. Devi
  4. Grump
  5. Johnathan Foxeyes
  6. The Kid

NPCs Present:
Mickey “Two Eyes”


  • Team meets for “cook out” at Rook’s safehouse with Manny
  • Call made by Mickey “Two Eyes” to Grump; delivery of package to client w/ intent to have group for job; initial team was no-show
  • Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne, Grump, Johnathan Foxeyes, and The Kid make meet; Bainbridge Island: Salish-Sidhe
  • Arrive at location; house w/ dock; large yacht
  • Johnson offers job; team discussion over issue; accepts job
  • Team given timeframe of 11 days; 10 days to locate and obtain items; day 11 delivery to Vancouver
  • (6/8/2071: 20:00 hrs to 6/20/2071 23:59 hrs)

Items to be retrieved:

  1. Antique Golf Club: Seattle
  2. Cyber Leg: “Snatcher”: Vancouver
  3. Awakened Soil: Luminoso: various (Bellevue suspected)
  4. Prison Guard Patch: (Spokane:Sailsh-Sidhe)
  5. Wine Bottle: Ravenna Winery: Vintage 2009 (various)

Secondary Encounters

  • 1K earn for mickey’s delivery
  • Extractions are on the rise
  • Skirmishes breaking out on second tier gangs; Orchids allied with Desolation Angels to fight Reality Hackers: gaining ground


  • Background searches placed on Johnny and Kid
  • Haskins remarks he is being considered for promotion to deputy director status



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