Money never sleeps...

Games People Play

Run: “Games People Play”

  • Johnson: Saint James
  • Objective: Data Retrieval: Two sources; Retrieval of Original/Destroy Copies
  • Payout: 35,000 nuyen (7k initial); Safe house: Temporary Lease: Auto Shop: Tacoma
  • Status: In Progress


  1. Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne
  2. Bella
  3. Devi
  4. Grump
  5. Johnathan Foxeyes
  6. Mirik “One-Shot” Schaefer
  7. The Kid
  8. Malcolm

Saint James

NPCs Present:
Sonja Scholl

Secondary: Encounters

  • Contact: job by Manny
  • Initial Meet: Hilton hotel: Executive Suite 27th Floor: “Emerald City”: Downtown
  • Meet/Greet of additional members
  • Given Details of Run: 2 files w/ blackmail information and videos
  • Grump: Acquisition of sub-mic and comm-link (clean); Assessment of Safe house on Loan; Group Rallies at Airstrip
  • Devi: Trace on emails, facial recognition, etc.; identifies woman in video as Scholl
  • Location establish as Everett
  • Location establish: Puyallup: No-Tell Motel
  • Recon: Johnny, Grump, and One shot; follow-up Aine Bella, and Kid
  • Rent suspect room: locate surveillance cams-hidden: Johnny; Devi isolates signal/archive; Grump bribe manager to “leave for a while”
  • Room 4: guest flees scene; taken down and captured; brought to auto shop for questioning



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