Money never sleeps...

Hiding in the Dark

Buried Underground: Part 1

Run: “Hiding in the Dark”

  • Johnson: Dana Oakes
  • Objective: Incriminating Evidence / Intel: “Junior”; Retrieval: “Junior”; Status of Knight Errant Agent [Undercover] (secondary)
  • Payout: 65,000 nuyen [Alive] 30,000 [Dead] (10K paid upfront)
    *Support: Bail Bondsman: Business: (Front: Background); Bounty Hunter Licenses (5: Temporary: 1 week); Info Support (optional); Knight Errant Support (optional)
  • Status: In Progress


  1. Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne
  2. Bella
  3. Devi
  4. Grump
  5. Johnathan Foxeyes
  6. The Kid

NPCs Present:

  1. George Haskins
  2. Michelle Davenport
  3. Mickey “Two Eyes”


  • Devi: Snoop/Trace Programs placed on some regularly used connections: Tied to Vancouver Rangers (Police) and Renraku Hub: Denver; destroyed but investigating
  • Grump: contacted by Haskins prior to meet on possible establishing of Bail Bondsman/Fugitive Retrieval Business in Auburn (Legitimate/Legal); Accepts
  • Grump /Mickey review pre-established business proposal and license given by Haskins; appears clean and legal with no discrepancies; leery of possible backlash; Mickey offered to joins venture: undecided at this time
    *Meet with Haskins at Reno’s Sports Club; AR meeting w/ Oakes; Haskins opts to move further discussion to secondary location; The Styx
  • Aine: approached by patron and given AR card; contact made implying information/implication of Dana Oakes activity/involvement; identified as Michelle Davenport : Reporter; seeking scoop
  • Team meets at The Styx with George Haskins ; relays information as to the logistics of the issue/run.
  • Team given timeframe of 7 days; (7/2/2071: 00:00 hrs. to 7/9/2071 23:59 hrs.)



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