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Law Enforcement Breach "Z-zone" of Redmond

June 16th, 2071; 22:01:27
KIRO Eyewitness News: Channel 7: Seattle
Posted by: Reporter: Michelle Davenport
Good Evening, everyone; this is Michelle Davenport with the 10 o’clock Eyewitness news report.
Our top story tonight comes from Redmond, Seattle where Knight Errant officers and Wuxing Security Specialists have combined efforts in a threat assessment and evacuation of the Monroe District of North Redmond.

Knight Errant Fire Watch Teams and Wuxing Security Teams arrived on the scene early this morning to the Northeast Corner of the Redmond in full tactical and riot control gear. KE officials report that multiple shootings and assaults on officers occurred as they moved into the area. One officer was killed and others sustained moderate to minor injuries. KE confirms that twenty plus unregistered squatters were killed during the various attacks. Among the fatalities were many known or suspected gang affiliates and wanted criminals, according to reports. Numerous arrests were made as the joint security forces begun to sweep through the area. clearing out a five square blocks and the remaining two square kilometer area once a commercially zoned region.

Given the rather abrupt nature of this martial law action, Mayor Sonja Scholl was asked to comment on the event in question within her district. “For every honest citizen seeking their own pursuit of life and prosperity, there are five ‘illegal’ or non-registered denizens and transients standing in the way of progress for this district. It is these types of inhabitants acting like thorny weeds choking the life out of potential blooming wheat field. As Mayor, I have been sworn to do what is best for the state of the district and people whom reside within. By the powers granted unto me as Mayor, I made an executive decision to take action for the prosperity of this district. Though the actions will appear militant and harsh, they are within my control to confirm or deny. I assure the people Redmond and those of Seattle proper that these actions were made known publicly and repeatedly to the people taking up unlicensed residence within the Monroe area, weeks, even months, prior to this unfortunate event.”

The governor’s office declined to comment on the actions that have taken place directly, however it has been made known that the Metroplex Civic Review Board and Oversight Commission will be appraising the matter. So, far no discrepancies have been reported.
Mayor Scholl’s actions have been consider by many as “aggressive” and “out-of-character” as several public and political groups have spoken out against Mayor Scholl’s measures claiming discrimination and abuse of office. Thus far, only chatter across the matrix has turned any publicity for or against her statements and actions

In closing, KIRO will continue to stream all updated material on this story on our KIRO News blog interface and this reporter’s online commentaries journal.

This is Michelle Davenport, KIRO Channel 7 Eyewitness News, reporting.
Thank you for your time, Good Night.



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