Money never sleeps...

Old Habits Die Hard

Run: “Old habits die hard…”

  • Johnson: Saint James
  • Karma Awarded: 3
  • Objective: Security /Overwatch of “professional” meeting; interception of any/all potential threats; allow meeting to proceed without interruption
  • Payout: 1400 nuyen (100 invite/1000+200 per/+100 complement bonus)
  • Status: Completed


  1. Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne
  2. Bella
  3. Devi
  4. Dawg
  5. Thomas Jeb Stuart
  6. Rook


NPCs Present: Meeting

  1. Ivy
  2. Joeli
  3. Manny
  4. Marseilles
  5. Rome Legatus
  6. Saint James

Secondary: Encounters


  • The runners were contacted through a formal IM/Text for a job opportunity that provided a 100 nuyen incentive to respond/attend the meet regardless of acceptance/refusal of taking the job.
  • Each member arrives on their own to the Radisson Hotel in Downtown, Seattle and performs various, independent recon on the security and the people coming and going.
  • Each member makes their way in, checks in weapons, informs the doormen of being with the “St. James party”, and are directed to a small meeting room. The team is treated to REAL coffee /tea and simple finger foods.
  • At 5 minutes till 18:00, Saint James arrives and begins the meet right on the hour with some light hearted banter and casual description of the run, answering questions vaguely till the team agrees to accept. Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne is able to talk up the pay out an additional 200 nuyen per member.
  • After Saint James fills in the details of the run, he leaves the party to allow them to discuss tactics, etc. The professional meet is set for 18:00 to 21:00 hrs the next day, leaving the party with slightly less than 24 hours so obtain logistics and tactical info. They are given an optical disk with a map/overlay and digital images and pertinent info on the attendees.
  • The team moves to the location and begins assessing the area. They discover Maynard Park is an extension of the convention center where a Law Enforcement Trade Show is being held. The team monitors activity and gets the layout of the area.
  • After a couple of hours, others fan out and take care of incidental, personal affairs and Thomas Jeb Stuart takes up a recon/sniper position. He observes an individual keeping to the shadows and is keeping discreet. Thomas Jeb Stuart is able to snap an image and relays it to Devi who is able to manipulate and clean the image to discover it to be one of the attendees, Ivy.
  • The day passes rather uneventful, but the team reassembles at 16:00 to ready for the job. Each takes up their respective posts within the park and keeps eyes open. Each attendee arrives by various means and half have a body guard present.
  • The meet begins, automated landscaping drones activate. Devi hacks into the grid to have passive control and monitors one sprayer drone having issues. She detours off the grid and keeps it out of the area.
  • At 19:00 approx., a large SUV arrives and skirts the surveillance. An unidentified person and two bodyguards move upon the scene. Dawg attempts a “drunken” act to assess them and is able to mildly run interference and stall them. Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne intercepts them and enters a verbal exchange. The issue becomes slightly elevated and Rook joins the interference, as Devi attempts to run a search on details/info them. The trio is identified as Rolando with Brittany and Bailey. Words are exchanged as Rolando angrily walks away to avoid making a scene and drawing any more attention.
  • Shortly after 22:00 things have calmed. Rook , passing as a “quick buck” hot dog vendor in the park has a small dog waiting for scraps. Instinctively, Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne perceives it and finds that the small beagle is equipped with cyberware. Devi makes the attempt and hacks into the wares and downloads a streaming video/audio file off the animal. The dog is called back by “the owner who is carrying a half broken leash. They scoop up the dog, and move back into the minor flow of pedestrians.
  • Saint James contacts Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne and informs them of the close of the meet. Each attendee leaves in various ways. Saint James extends a vintage, steel attaché case to the party with 6 cred sticks. Saint James extends a few courteous words and leaves.



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