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Protests on Redmond Evacuation leads to Mini-Riot

June 20th, 2071; 22:03:44
KIRO Eyewitness News: Channel 7: Seattle
Posted by: Reporter: Michelle Davenport
Good Evening, everyone; this is Michelle Davenport with the 10 o’clock Eyewitness news report.

Our top story tonight comes from Redmond-Touristville, Seattle where Knight Errant officers have posted a temporary security perimeter around the Redmond City Hall complex after protestors demonstrated over the recently enforced Monroe district evacuation.
Early this morning, various civil organizations rallied in front of the office of Mayor Sonja Scholl in Redmond demonstrating against the brash actions and civil unrest that has been created due to the removal inhabitants in the Monroe district. Despite the protests, Mayor Scholl stood by her previous statements that all policies and procedures had been followed and was sanctioned within the laws of the city. The Metroplex Civic Review Board and Oversight Commission have been appraising the matter over the past two days and report that no discrepancies have been found, thus giving support to Scholl’s claim. Protestors are not satisfied and claim Scholl was abusing her powers of office and the metroplex is merely “covering their own”, despite the Scholl’s minimal mention in the greater Seattle political arena.

Later that afternoon, more groups from various parts arrived, though with different agendas. Members of the Humanis Poli-club began to preach their propaganda and claim support for the actions which brought about the arrival of Sons of Sauron members. Within minutes, violence erupted amongst the crowd resulting in a rowdy mob and riot conditions. Lone Star officers were on the scene to monitor conditions and keep the peace though too few officers were on hand to deal with the situation.

Knight Errant teams were dispatched and arrived within minutes and were able to quell the mob and break up the rampaging crowd. Lone Star patrols arrived some time later after the fights had subsided. Several arrests were made by Knight Errant officers, though Lone Star officers immediately protested and demanded that all apprehended individuals be placed in their custody. KE officers on the scene refused and Metroplex officials had to be called in. Metroplex officials denied LS’s claim to the police action noting that KE responded and dealt with the situation, therefore they had the right to act and LS could not simply take claim with no actual effort in the event. LS officials have since issued a statement that they are filing a civil suit against for lost revenues and damages. KE officials have replied that they are ready and willing to counter, though expect LS’s case to be dismissed in any court.

In closing, KIRO will continue to stream all updated material on this story on our KIRO News blog interface and this reporter’s online commentaries journal.
This is Michelle Davenport, KIRO Channel 7 Eyewitness News, reporting.
Thank you for your time, Good Night.



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