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Seattle Chosen for Potential Site of Wuxing Skytower

June 15th, 2071; 22:02:59
KIRO Eyewitness News: Channel 7: Seattle
Posted by: Reporter: Michelle Davenport
Good Evening, everyone; this is Michelle Davenport with the 10 o’clock Eyewitness news report.
Our top story tonight comes from the heart of the Seattle Metroplex where it has been announced that Seattle itself has be selected for a new undertaking with the Hong Kong based, Wuxing Corporation.

In a formal press release given by the Governor’s Office, Seattle UCAS and Vancouver SSC have been chosen as two finalists in search to build a new “Skytower”. Wuxing CEO, Wu Ling-Wei, expressed that the building of the new Skytower in a major metropolitan area would allow for their products to be tailored more directly to the local markets. In regards to choosing to build in North America, Ling-Wei noted that having such a place within either city would better accommodate for changes in the Western Markets.

Wuxing is sending the famed and respected Geomancer, Master Chip Ching-Hwa to both cities to assess the energies of the chosen areas for a proper placement. After his evaluation, Master Ching-Hwa will return to the corporate headquarters to make his report before the board of directors.

Many questions have been raised to the where the specific build site will be in the greater Seattle area, however the office of the Governor has declined to comment on the particulars as to where the survey will take place in the interests of the security. Despite the secrecy and discretion placed upon this major urban undertaking, Sonja Scholl, the mayor of Redmond was willing to discuss the matter.

“For far too long, Redmond has been cast aside as the unwanted blemish on this UCAS city-state.” Scholl firmly admitted. “The Seattle Metroplex has little working land in which to lay the groundwork for such a construction project. Many of the other AAA corporations have consumed the other districts and will not take kindly to having one of their competitors leering over them, in a manner of speaking. Redmond is has been left alone with ample opportunity to be open to such an endeavor. This enterprise is exactly the type of project that will greatly benefit an urban renewal for the Redmond area.”
According to recent matrix polls on the subject, man scoff at the idea of Redmond being the site of new tower and have commented thus. There has been no clear cut opinion put upon where the location in Seattle may come to be, though it is to be known approximately within the next few days.

In closing, KIRO will continue to stream all updated material on this story on our KIRO News blog interface and this reporter’s online commentaries journal.
This is Michelle Davenport, KIRO Channel 7 Eyewitness News, reporting.
Thank you for your time, Good Night.



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