Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne


A young woman of roughly 20 with medium length red hair and crystal blue eyes, her features oddly human despite the tale tell signs of pointed ears and longevity that mark her as an elf, and her skin a pale un-tanning tone of deep Irish decent. She always dresses in something bought from the thrift store and assembled in the latest fashion styles and despite her dependence upon a wheel chair to get around she carries herself with pleasant demeanor and is always out to prove herself no matter the task.

Character Sheet!

Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne
Pronunciation: Awe+ye Nea-ahv Mac Soov-nah
UCAS Name: Anna Neave Sweeney

Born in June 21st 2050, during the height of the summer solstice. The fifth of six children born to an elven family living along the coast of Tír na nÓg, and a remarkably human looking child despite her elven heritage.

Growing up with such human features gave rise to both siblings and friends taking advantage of her appearance to tease and mock. Her younger years were spent awkwardly, being something of an outcast in an elven family and elven dominated country. To make matters worse, her family and extended family primarily belonged to the global scale gang known as the Ancients, a group of bikers with a strict elf only policy of admittance and more than a little bit of racism to anything not elf, looking or otherwise.

Still, she endured the teasing and grew up a up with as normal a childhood as one can expect for living in an awakened nation of elves who tend to look down on things that aren’t quite elven.

Except for her birthdays. The summer solstice always brought both presents and a feeling of dread. The days leading up to and after her birthday were plagued by nightmares, those dreams where you know something is coming for you or that you are being watched. Those dreams that are all to real, and no matter how silly the notion might be, you are always so certain the thing in the dark only means to drag you down into some nightmarish hell.

It was not until the year of the comet on her 10th birthday that things seemed to make sense. The renewal of Stonehenge on the day of the solstice seemingly felt miles away as the human looking elf managed to pull forth a fiery spirit while in the grips of a daydream nightmare. For others, that day signaled wonders, but for her family it only meant the new concerns for what to do with a budding magician, one so closely linked with the strangeness of the year’s events.

After the emergence of her awakened nature, her family thought the dreams around the solstice would fade, that with the understanding of her gifts might make sense of things. Yet they only grew in potency. Perhaps it was her own fear of the changes or perhaps it was something else, still the dreams came, and with more vigor. Making the presents and celebration something overshadowed by dread, and neither counseling nor mystic advice seemed to ease the dreams. Still, just as soon as the solstice had passed each year, so would the dreams.

Despite all this she grew up, living through the fear, loss, and panic the 2nd crash brought, and eventually joining her extended family’s business when she was old enough. Being family and possessing the gift of magic eased her way into the Ancients, though even these things would not lessen the lack of ease with less than elven features. Still she joined and she did the jobs that needed doing, always trying to prove that she was just as good as any of her siblings and perhaps overlooked just as much due to her odd appearance. Yet despite all the trouble, she might have made a name for herself amongst the Ancients if not for a job gone bad.

In 2067, not too long after the terrible dreams of the solstice had come and pass, she opted to help with a job to get supplies from a delivery coming into a local subsidiary of MCT, a job perhaps a bit to over her skills but taken out of a need to prove she could do better than her brothers and sister. The job started out with ease, the group of Ancients managing to run a night convoy of supplies off the road, even dismantling the automated security. Yet, it was too easy, and no one realized it until the convoy went up like a powder keg. The truck was filled with an explosive and enough volatile chemicals to ensure everything within a few hundred yards would not survive the trap.

It was in that explosion that things forever changed. In that moment when the glow of ignition lit up the convoy, that thing inside that had been watching all those years seemed to come out. The whole event somewhat surreal, as human looking elf shimmered and the monster came out. Perhaps a defensive response, or perhaps the monster’s own sense of survival taking hold and turning slender fragile human looking elf into a stalwart monster of a drake that shimmered in the glow and impact of the explosion. The monster attempted to take the impact for the fragile girl inside and at the same time shielded some companions from the worst of the explosion.

Despite the perhaps heroic intent of the inner beast coming out, all the human looking girl could do was watch through it’s eyes and take in the look of horror on the faces of her friends and family, and then the lights went out.

She awakened weeks later in the hospital to find her life still intact, yet forever changed. Not only had everyone seen what she had become, but the monster had not come quite quick enough. The sight and hearing of her left side gone, and a piece of shrapnel lodged in her spine had taken away the use of her legs.

In the days that followed she only received visitors from the staff and the doctors, learning that the damage was extensive and that she should feel lucky to be alive. She also learned that they had taken liberties, and with donations from an anonymous benefactor, taken steps to replace the sight and hearing losses with cybernetics. They had been careful not to hurt her magical nature anymore than the explosion had in adding a commlink and rig to help get around the nerve damage in her spine.

Weeks later there had still been no visitors came as she began the process of rehabilitation. Whether they didn’t know she survived or whether they were simply afraid of her, she never truly knew. She simply assumed they were horrified by what she had turned into in those moments and buried her mind in the the process of learning to live with her new changes.

Towards the end of 2067, in the cold months of December word caught her ear as to the possible identity of her sponsored rehabilitation, the term “MCT” scaring her enough to send her running from the hospital facilities and away from her family. Running to unfamiliar areas of the underworld, and trading a good deal of debt to the nÓg branch of the Alta Commission in exchange for transport out of Tír na nÓg to the sprawls of Seattle where the local mafia picked up her debt.

Since her arrival in Seattle, she has purchased a temporary work visa and taken on a part time job doing secretarial work for Knight Errant Security and spends her off time auditioning for various Trid shows and theatre shows in hopes of paying back the debt owed and, to some degree, to distance herself from both the Mafia and the Ancients. Yet neither of the jobs are paying off that debt and while the Mafia is perhaps reluctant to strong arm a Knight Errant employee, they will eventually loose patience. So now she’s turning to the shadows, to hopefully make a few extra Nuyen and get out of the hole that eventually ends up with an irish mafioso digging your grave.

Aine Niahm Mac Suibhne

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