Tactical / Security Hacker


Elf Female

5’2" blonde with a thin frame.

Matrix Persona: A gray and ashen textured, thin framed female form, dressed in a sleek black evening dress that displays varies star patterns in the night sky.


Astrid has worked in the shadows in North America and Europe obtaining a decent rep. She has established herself as a freelance support/off-site Hacker who specializes in security systems and game theoretical analysis. A capable hacker in her own right, more often she is called in as a consultant to analyze strategies on a run, prior and post.


  1. Many claim that Astrid, prior to Crash 2.0, went under handle of Veritas, a combat decker. It is said Veritas and her team attempted to breach the Renraku Arcology during the shutdown and were never heard from again. Mostly reclusive, those that have seen her on the street say she is physically a shadow of her former self. Astrid holds a deep hatred for Renraku and rejects any work associated with them which only helps to support the claim.
  2. Astrid is noted to hold an extreme dislike towards Humanis groups and those associated with them. She has been known to harass and disrupt meetings and rallies via the Matrix. She does has a soft-spot for members of MOM (Mothers-of Metas), offering “anonymous” support to small chapters around the UCAS and CAS.


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