Physical Adept / Infiltrator / Street Sam


5’8", Blonde Elf Female in her mid twenties, with a solid build. Tough, sly, and loyal to all those she considers friends or family. Tends to come across as a deep thinker, leaving people to wonder what is going on inside her head. Bares as curved scar along her left collar bone that is covered by an intricate tattoo of crescent moon with stars trailing off.

Character Sheet


Isabella was born in Tacoma, Seattle. Bella was a result of an intimate liaison between Lorenzo, a professional MMA fighter and a ring girl named Sabrina. Lorenzo’s career in MMA was short lived as he was forced to retire due to medical reasons. Shortly after her birth, her parents married and Lorenzo was handed the reins of family restaurant in Tacoma. Her father was the youngest brother of Joseph Gianelli, one of the Mafia Dons in Seattle. Outside of operating the restaurant, Lorenzo discreetly worked for the family as a loan shark and part time enforcer.

Bella grew up rather comfortably in her early years though her parent’s marriage was troubled as Sabrina strayed from her husband. The two separated when Bella was only four years old, leading to a dirty and drawn out custody battle. In the end, her mother was given full custody and left Seattle. Over the next few years, Bella moved around various parts of the UCAS and CAS as her mother drifted through various relationships, continuously pursuing more lucrative prospects.

During this time, Bella was left alone in the care of nannies and child care providers due to her mother’s selfishness as she had little time nor concern for her. Bella soon became very defiant and willful to spite her mother, which was the only time she received any attention from her. Bella was continuously caught getting into fights at school, often helping out her friends who were few and far between with her constant state of displacement.

At the age of fourteen, her mother settled in with a Mitsuhama marketing executive which initiated her into a corporate living environment. The stifling structure of the “corporate life” managed to curb her defiant tendencies as those in her age group labeled her an outsider and would have little to do with her. Her home life was even more sterile as her mother played her role as a trophy wife, living and spending frivolously. Her step father was hardly around and vaguely acknowledged her when he was, aside from berating her to act more respectable and not soil his professional image.

One day Bella came home from skipping school to hear another round of vulgar arguing from behind the front door. Her mother and step-father lashed out at each other over her conduct, each blaming the other for her behavior. Bella decided to leave and return when things had quieted down. Later that evening, she snuck into the residence, figuring they both had stormed out to blow off steam. As she sneaked past the hall, she heard whimpering from behind the bathroom door. She peered inside and saw her mother beaten, bleeding, and bruised, curled up in a fetal position, on the floor.

Though she did not like her mother as a person, she was still her mother. Bella was suddenly filled with rage over the incident. She went to her room, grabbed a baseball bat, and waited for her stepfather to return. Minutes later, her step-father came home in a drunken stupor. Bella hid in the shadows, waited for her opportunity, and proceeded to beat him relentlessly, nearly killing him.

Her step-father’s bio-monitor engaged and Mitsuhama security arrived on the scene and was able to stop her. During interrogations, Bella remained silent only stating “I was protecting my mother; he hurt her, I hurt him.” Her stepfather survived yet suffered massive brain trauma in the assault. She was detained and arraigned for aggravated assault and battery of a corporate official. On the day of her hearing, several independent civil attorneys arrived for her legal defense. Her legal council was able to have her placed on probation and officially “black listed” or removed from the Mitsuhama’s corporate residential community. She placed in the custody of her father and was sent back to Seattle.

Despite not seeing her father for several years, he graciously welcomed her back into his arms. She found herself respected by her father’s friends and family for what she had done. Bella soon found herself in the family she had quietly wished for. Around this time, Bella’s magical gifts awakened and she soon was running around with a family go-gang of other magic users. She was initiated and was trusted in watching the backs of her family and friends. Bella became a trusted and valued asset to the Gianelli family and began running as an enforcer and other various odd jobs on the street. She began working her way up through the ranks and was able to start learning and improving her skills.

Over time, Bella found herself receiving job offers outside of the family. She was given the family’s blessing to pursue other interests, as long as they did not conflict with “family business”. Currently, Bella has established a decent rep in the shadows of Seattle as an infiltrator, hired gun, and muscle for the Gianelli family as well as independently.


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