Technomancer/Security Rigger/Hacker


Devi (known as Eveline or Evi in public, Devi online and running, and as Eline to her family) is an obviously Native American girl with shoulder length black hair and tan skin. Her only obvious distinguishing feature are her eyes, which are prismatic, though most will assume she’s simply wearing colored contact lenses or has had her eyes altered. She does have various tattoos, but they’re usually covered. She’s generally dressed very casually and comfortably.

Character Sheet Information


There were technomancers before the Crash. Children who could see things in the Matrix the way the most advanced hackers could. They weren’t unknown, even in the PCC, and generally their gift faded when they were teenagers. Elina Black was one of those children.

The granddaughter of Len and Kasa Black, Hopi Revolutionaries who left the camps with Daniel Coleman and helped to found the Kachina society and the PCC, Elina spent her whole childhood in Albuquerque. After the birth of her youngest brother, Elina’s mother disappeared, and her father died when she was very young (under suspicious circumstances), and so Elina and her two brothers were raised by her grandparents. Still, she was a relatively happy child, until Haley’s Comet passed when she was eleven years old, and she along with many others felt the effects of the Surge. Not only did the Surge affect her physically and mentally, it was at this time that her ability to affect the Matrix became obvious. While most people affected by the Surge were shunned, her family connections to the Kachina society and her own abilities caught the attention of a PCC owned casino manager, and at age 12 Elina was put to work for the casino.

While most children would have resented it, Elina loved the ability to learn the Matrix and her own abilities, and began spending more and more time jacked in. Which is why, at 14, she was inside the Matrix during the Crash. There are horror stories about those who were caught inside the crash. Most died, but the PCC is noted for taking such good care of it’s afflicted that most of the PCC victims did survive. Elina was in a coma for two years, and awoke with very little memory about the Crash or what she’d seen. She does suffer from AIPS, but a very minor case. After being in a coma for so long, Elina felt a sort of disconnect from her family and from her life. When she was 17, she struck out on her own and eventually made her way to Seattle, where she met (insert Larry’s character’s name here) and began working on and off with him. She took the Alias Devi, has a fake identity that is well-documented, and discovered she has a digital doppelganger thanks to the Crash. She’s been in Seattle for three years, and has run a few times when a group needed her. She has some contacts, and is settled in and enjoys her life.

She lives in a rambunctious apartment with five other people her age and keeps her drones and various other toys at her friend’s airstrip. She’s a vegetarian, wanna-be hippie who can wax poetic about the Matrix and her drones and sprites, and though she’s had some rough knocks (and can be very guarded about them) she generally wants to be friendly with everyone and is usually a happy person. She does suffer from mild AIPS, a mild addiction to things that keep her awake, and spends more time jacked in than is good for her, but she chalks all of those things up to the nature of her gift and her work.


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