Man hunter/tracker


5’10" 145 lbs Medium length sandy blonde hair(just past shoulders when not in a pony tail).Has a muscular build for an elf. Laid back attitude, kind of sloppy dress style looks more like a college professor/student than a runner or bounty hunter. He carries himself confidently, can sense an undertone of military training in the way he carries himself, and has an uncanny grace to his movements.


What I have so far will update as I figure more of it out.

T. Shawn Cottler IV aka Grump

Thomas Shawn Cottler IV (Shawn) was born February 28, 2038 in southern Portland, Tir Tairngire to Maryland Bethesda Cottler and Thomas Shawn Cottler III. Thomas and Mary are affluent business people, running Cottler Import and Export Company (family business started by Shawn’s great grandfather Thomas Shawn Cottler in 1939) for the entirety of Shawn’s Childhood. Growing up was not that difficult for Shawn, being the son of Tir nobles, and thriving business owners has its privileges. His dad was a strict man that made sure his son didn’t grow up thinking he was owed respect from any man, but that he had to earn it through his actions(which might explain his intolerance of self important people). He liked all manner of athletics. At the age of 14yrs he realized he was much more agile then the average person. It was then he realized he had started manifesting Adept Powers and he started focusing on developing them. Shawn was sent to University when he graduated high school. He studied hard earning his Doctorates in Engineering and Architecture and an Masters degree in Ancient Philosophy. He has no intentions of taking over the family business figured one of his siblings would be better suited.

Shawn aspired to be military (secretly wanted to be a Tir Paladin). When he entered college at 17yrs of age he enrolled in the ROTC program (much to the chagrin of his mother) where he started his training for the military. He focused in college on what he thought would best serve him in special operations (likes demolitions), knowing special operations is the fast track to becoming a Paladin. With his agility and improved senses and his seemingly ability to see things coming before they happen, made him very popular with the Commandant of the ROTC, who made it a point to introduce him to influential individuals, always touting his abilities to other “Officers”. Right after he Graduated On of the “officers” he had met during ROTC Approached him with an offer to fast track him to becoming a Paladin, and bypass a lengthy enlistment in the Tir Tairngire Peace Forces, being young and not thinking it through fully Shawn jumped on the offer. Besides it would give him a Chance to put his training to the test.

When he realized just what he had gotten himself into it was too late to quit and the only thing he could do was press forward and pray he survived the ordeal. Had he not been so adept at being unobtrusive he probably would not have made it out, but much to the surprise of himself and the “gentleman” who hired him, survive he did. Not only did he survive he also got the intel he was sent in for plus a little bit of an insurance package, enough that they didn’t kill him on the spot when he handed over the intel package.

From the intel drop he went into hiding for a while making sure he wasn’t being tracked or followed. After he was sure he was no longer a hot target he made his way back to his parents, scaring the crap out of his mother when he snuck in like a thief in the night, he told his mom and dad that he was sorry but he had to leave Tir and probably wouldn’t be able to ever return do to some trouble he had gotten into. His mom tried to get him to tell her what happened, but all he would tell her was that if he told her it would endanger their lives so it was best that he just leave. He told them had already made arrangements to get out of Tir, but he couldn’t leave without saying good bye to the family.

His dad sat and listened to his son talking to his mother without saying a word or showing any emotion. Once his mother went to gather his siblings his dad finally spoke, it was a tone that Shawn wasn’t used to, it was warm and worried. He said, “Son is there anything I can do to make things right and get you out of this mess?” Shawn looked at his dad and said, “Not this time dad sorry I dug one hell of a hole and the only thing I can do is leave Tir before they catch up to me. I have an insurance package that is the only reason I made it back here to say good bye, but even it will only be good for so long and when it is no longer viable if I am still around they will make me disappear. Should have listened to you and mom about taking short cuts to get what you want, I took one and now the knowledge I gained might get me killed. I hope in the future I can send you guys word of where I am and you can come visit me, but for me my time in Tir is done I can never come back. Johnny and Mickey will be helping me get out.” They talked for a bit longer after his mother returned with his brother and two sisters, and ate dinner.

His mom and dad were up and waiting on him when he got up the next morning to leave his dad handed him a couple of Credsticks, saying “Me and your mother discussed this at length and decided to give you something to help you get by until you can get work and start making your own way.” Shawn thanked them and told them it wasn’t necessary but knew his mother wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He took the creds and hugged them both then left the house he had grown up in and called home all his life knowing it was the last time he would likely set eyes on it.

He met Mickey while “working” at his parents warehouse while growing up. Mickey’s father was a regular delivery driver that made deliveries to the warehouse twice a week and generally had Mickey with him. Johnny’s dad worked for Shawn’s dad and had Johnny around the warehouse a lot. Him, Johnny, and Mickey (when he was there) all ran around and played in the warehouse causing all kind of mischief when they were young. Him and Johnny both reveled over Mickey’s stories of Seattle. Johnny always told Shawn that if he ever got the chance he was so there. Shawn contacted Johnny and Mickey (who was now driving a truck for a living) and told him about the mess he was in, Mickey told him no problem he could get him out. Well with the trouble Shawn found himself in Johnny thought well here is my chance. So he told Shawn he was coming also.

He met up with Mickey and Johnny and they made their way out of Tir Tairngire.

So it was off to Seattle for Shawn, Mickey, and Johnny made their way out of Tir using knowledge Shawn had garnered from the few less the credible drivers that delivered to the shop and Mickey’s knowledge from riding with his father. One of the best things about working on the shipping docks at the shop was listening to the drivers tell stories. Luckily not all of them were fairy tales.

Once they reached Seattle Shawn looked around for legitimate work that would keep him out of trouble with the law so he decided why not work for them on an unofficial capacity, he started tracking down bail jumpers and found it paid pretty good, then he started working for a few PI’s who needed help with surveillance and getting photos. Johnny went to Fort Lewis and joined up with the UCAS military. All was going well, little boring but well. Mickey suggested if he wanted a little more excitement he should try working for the less than lawful contacts, which he just happened to know a couple. He told Shawn,“You can always choose to turn a job down if you don’t like it. Besides, the pay is a lot better than taking pictures of men and women being unfaithful, and at times safer.” So Shawn started taking small jobs in the shadows, mostly infiltration and surveillance setup, a few extractions (generally willing persons).

After about six months in Seattle he settled into a small little squatter’s flat in Puyallup Barrens and has been there for the last ten years.


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