Johnathan Foxeyes



Throwback to an earlier time. Into combat, Johnny wears buckskin moccasin boots and jacket, native american bone breastplate and denim jeans. Raven black hair to the middle of his back, no white man facial hair. Rarely wears a shirt, carries only traditional weapons, Tomahawk, Bowie Knife, Bow and arrows.

Pensive and thoughtful when alone, Always with a ready smile and a kind word when others are around. Out of battle, he will dress as weather permits, often jeans only.

The jacket covers the tribal tattoos that completely cover his back. These tattoos glow dimly when he is in combat.


Grandson of “He who will not be caged”, a Sioux horse shaman from before the great change, Johnny was trained from birth to be close to the land. His father, Nathan Standing Bear, was a spec op for the fledgeling Sioux nation and helped to form the new “Wildcat” group. Johnny was taken on his first vision quest at the age of 8. This is when he found brother wolf. From that day on, wolf was with him always. He followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the Wildcats. He was not comfortable learning the use of guns, but his team soon learned that the weapons he WAS comfortable with made up for any loss of the former. He served as the team backup medic as well as frontline schocktrooper when needed.

Wolf only loses one fight, the one that kills him. As brother wolf guides Johnny, he has survived many battles that his friends and companions have not. This has taken a heavy toll on his heart and has driven him out of the service. He has been out for 3 years now, splitting his time beween solitary life in the woods outside of Ft. Lewis and socializing with other ex-military types in town. It has been long enough that the itch for action is starting to grow.

Johnathan Foxeyes

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