Lorenzo Trieste

Retired MMA Fighter / Capo Regime: Gianelli Family


Lorenzo is a human male of distinct Italian decent in his late forties. Lorenzo is a former professional MMA fighter, of modest renown, who retired from the ring in 2052. Given his early fame, he has evolved to become a noted local celeb, generous, and sociable person. He is readily seen about in one of his establishments on a regular basis, mingling with his patrons. He tends to favor more casual, everyday look, preferring simple black suits and white shirt with no tie, usually a generic knockoff.


Lorenzo returned to Seattle upon retirement and using his sports reputation, took over an ailing restaurant and made it successful Italian ristorante. After several years, the restaurant was able to expand and now have several branch ristorante, pub/grill, and bistro chains in Auburn, Bellevue, Everett, Tacoma, and Puyallup.

Lorenzo’s surname, “Trieste” is the maiden name of Lorenzo’s grandmother which he used as a moniker and guise to obscure any connections to his real name. His birth name is Lorenzo Gianelli, youngest brother to Don Joseph Gianelli. Beyond the legitimate front of his restaurant chain, Lorenzo use the businesses to establish a means of laundering and loan sharking. Lorenzo earned his place amongst the family and was given the rank of Capo Regime under his older brother Joseph.

Lorenzo Trieste

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