Michelle Davenport


Human Female

Michelle is in her mid-twenties. She is charismatic with excellent people skills and very attractive. She is well aware of her “appeal” and uses it to her advantage in following leads and chasing stories. She is dressed in the latest casual Horizon fashions, which only helps to enhance her appearance. She is very smart, suspicious and tenacious. She is always on the lookout for the next big “scoop” to maintain her rep in the cutthroat journalism industry.


Michelle was born in Boston Massachusetts, UCAS. She grew up within the NovaTech Corporate Community Living Enclave where her parents were both investment and risk analysts for the Silveril Investments Firm of Greater Boston. Michelle’s enthusiasm for being in media stemmed from her early opportunity in her High School years by joining the NovaTech Youth Media Network where she became a youth community reporter for the internal television network in the enclave. She became an instant teen celebrity within her corporate community. Given her popularity, she was granted a corporate contract scholarship to the University of Boston where she earned her degree in 2065, dual majoring in telecommunications and multimedia journalism.

During her University studies, she was contracted as a media intern with the local NovaTech affiliate KWBZ Channel 25 News where she worked as a production assistant, working her way up to local community general assignment correspondent. She retained a modest footing in broadcast news amongst the viewers. During the Crash 2.0 of 2063, and EMP surge in Boston took out several of the news anchors during a Trid/Trix broadcast. In order to hurriedly fill the spots lost, Michelle was given the spot as a local Sports reporter and commentator for the next four years. With her new position, she became a viewer favorite, given her looks and personality.

Upon graduation and fulfillment of her contract, Michelle remained with NovaTech but was reassigned to various news affiliates across the UCAS mid-west. Over next three years, she was posted in Kansas City, Omaha, and St. Louis, covering various general assignments. Despite her limited time in each area, she quickly gained the favor of the local community viewers, yet was unable to obtain an anchor position. She was continually passed over by a less talented and more attractive female personality who drew more male audiences which brought higher ratings.

In early 2069, Michelle soon found herself being courted by the Horizon Corporation to join their media network. Dissatisfied with her current position, she resigned from NovaTech and joined Horizon. The corporation offered her “sign on” package which afforded her some minor and discreet cosmetic augmentations and access to their latest clothing line divisions to act as a pseudo-model in her broadcasts. She was assigned to KIRO: Seattle Channel 7 Eyewitness News as a crime and “street-beat” reporter. She has just recently started her work in Seattle and has once again begun to draw viewers to the network and has even begun to develop a personal fan-base.

Michelle Davenport

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