Shiela Wade

Director / Chief Systems Analyst: Renaraku: Seattle


5’7", Human Female in her mid-forties.

Ms. Wade has worked her way up through the ranks of Renraku to be the department director and chief system analyst for the Seattle Branch. Her firm is in charge of smaller, independent account for the private sector throughout the greater Seattle area. Her responsibilities include offering technical support and private consulting for their smaller accounts.


Ms. Wade feels she has reached as high as she can go within the Japanese Corp, as a woman and for someone having roots in another corporation. Prior to her employment at Renraku, she grew up within the Shiawase Corporate community. After college, she married Haruo Nakamura, a “rising star” sales executive. The couple lived Osaka for several years but the marriage was not to last. Haruo divorced Shiela and re-married a Japanese woman in a bid to improve his standing within the corporation. After a bitter and drawn out divorce suit, Shiela was forced to resign from Shiawase and took refuge in their competitor, Renaraku.

At thirty, she gave birth to a son named Kyle and has raised him on her own. Despite the rigors of the corporate “grind”, she has managed to stay active in his life and keep him out of the corporate community structure and environment.

Shiela Wade

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