Sonja Scholl


5’6” Human Female in her mid-twenties; Tough and tenacious in the political ring. Is not afraid to take risks, especially when it comes to helping the innocent and downtrodden. Many view her as Redmond’s “Good Samaritan”.


Ms. Scholl has been an active community volunteer and leader in Seattle for many years. After graduating college with a degree in Political Science, Ms. Scholl continued her initiative to serve in the people and helped to maintain the struggling and broken community of Tourist-ville. Through her actions she was able to keep the community intact in the shadow of the Barrens. For those who reside in the Tourist-ville, many favor and support Scholl for her actions and initiative.

Ms. Scholl has worked her way up from a community leader and organizer to the current District Mayor of Redmond. When the previous Mayor of Redmond fulfilled his term and no one submitted their bid to replace him, she ran un-opposed in the election. Though her rise to power has been a political in-joke, she does not ignore the fact and has no qualms in defending her stance that she took the position because no one else would.

Politically considered a Socialist, she is a firm believer the “government must do for the people what the people cannot do for themselves”. She has held the position of Redmond’s mayor for the past couple of years and has been fighting an uphill battle to do what is best for Redmond.

Despite repeated funding cuts and lack of support from other Districts, Mayor Scholl manages to keep a “big government” mentality with a small government budget. Many questions and rumors are circulating how she has managed to allot funding to projects and services.

Sonja Scholl

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