The Kid


Sean McLoughlin an orphan that grew up in the CEEZEE of Chicago. He has a penchant for the old west, and has modeled his style after the gunslingers of old. He gets along with animals better than he does with the rest of metahumanity. In his thoughts their greatest contributions to the world are music and the old movie westerns. He knows that he will probably live and die by the gun, and that more than likely it will be a sin from his past that puts him in his grave. Until then he will try and help the little guy and make a little bit of cred if he can.

Physically he stands just over six feet and weighs around one hundred and eighty five pounds. He has brown hair that is just touching his shoulders and deep blue eyes. He keeps himself clean shaven mostly because of mixed heritage keeps him from growing proper facial hair. He has an old scar running through his left eyebrow from a fight he was in. He dresses in western clothing even though he grew up in the windy city, and only recently met an honest to good real life cowboy living in Oklahoma. he carries himself as a predator when dealing with the common populous, but his true nature shines through when he is dealing with an animal.



The Kid

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