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KE and LS dispute on Attack at SnowBlind

January 2, 2071; 22:00:35
KIRO Eyewitness News: Channel 7: Seattle
Posted by: Reporter: Michelle Davenport

Good Evening, everyone; this is Michelle Davenport with the 10 o’clock Eyewitness news report.

Our story tonight comes from south Snohomish where Knight Errant officers responded to a drive-by shooting and attempted arson, early this morning, leaving four dead and one wounded; leaving two Knight Errant officers in critical condition. According to reports, provided by KE Security Forces, an anonymous call was placed to KE non-emergency dispatch at 03:41:33 regarding “suspicious activity” around 19700 N. Creek Pkwy, east of I-405. The caller gave limited details on the activity, yet shortly before the anonymous caller disconnected, the dispatcher heard the sound of multiple weapons discharging in the background. Aerial security drones were rerouted to the locations where operators confirmed multiple assailant perched upon the shoulder of the north bound lane on-ramp, firing small arm machine guns into SnowBlind Studios.

SnowBlind Studios is a sim-sense electronics firm associated with the Horizon Corporation, who specializes in editing, digital imaging enhancements, and other post-production related logistics for various productions and affiliates.
The assailants turned on the KE security drones and fired upon them. One drone took heavy damage and was unable to maintain altitude and collided with a parcel vehicle that caused the driver to temporarily lose control and collide with the center guard rail. The driver sustained mild injuries from the collision and was treated and released by DocWagon paramedics who later arrived on the scene.

An aerial unit was called in as three patrol units responded from north Bellevue to the Panic Call. The gunmen, whom were on high performance street bikes, fled the scene as two street units and the aerial unit pursued. The third unit responded to the scene of the assault to find the two security guards unconscious and the west entry smashed in. Officers entered the building and found multiple suspects within the premises smashing equipment and dousing in various accelerants to burn the materials.

Gunfire was exchanged between the officers and the arsonists. KE reports describe the scene as “suspects were armed with moderate caliber machine, medium arms with level 3 ballistic penetration, though demonstrated no tactical skill/knowledge towards their intents.” (According to our sources, this level is one grade lower than military grade, armor piercing weapons.) The two officers braved the dangers and attempted defuse the situation, despite each officer sustaining gunshot wounds. KE officers are equipped with a bio-monitor system that can immediately report and “officer down”. After the inflicting injuries, the call-out was made to all security forces within the vicinity. The officers pressed on and were forced to initiate deadly force and “neutralized the threat(s)”, according to the report.

LoneStar Officers and an aerial DocWagon HRT squad responded to the officer down call. LoneStar officers secured the scene and initiated their investigation. Though KE was in legal right to respond to the call, LS officials have tactfully assumed jurisdiction, despite KE involvement, despite taking twice as long to respond to the event.

The mobile assailants led KE pursuit units through a weaving chase along the northbound 405. No civil or automated vehicle were assaulted or damaged from the pursuit. According to the report, the assailants’ cycles “were considered to be highly modified beyond manufacturer’s specs, as the vehicles easily reached speeds in excess of 195 KPH consistently.” KE street units were pressed to keep up with the suspects. The assailants, in an unfortunate turn of events, took advantage of an open break in the east side retaining wall of the 405-522 interchange and were able to veer of the interstate onto the abandoned 202 highway which backtracks into the heart of Redmond.

The street units were unable to manipulate the breaking gap in the wall, where-as the aerial unit continued to give chase. The aerial unit attempted to use thermo-imaging to pursue the victims yet various heat signatures of scattering SIN-less vagrants and other unknown obstacles thwarted their efforts. After random, yet non-threatening small arms fire from the surface pinged off the vehicles armor plating, the aerial unit was called off and was forced to abandon their pursuit in the interest of safety measures.

A professional dispute between KE and LS officials over rights to the investigation as both entities pursued the collection of evidence and other crime scene materials; however LS investigators were less than willing to be co-operative with KE investigators hoarding the bulk of information and evidence. KE officials have released the following statement; “With the initial involvement of our personnel, towards the incident that occurred early this morning, we have no choice but to pursue legal arbitration through the MetroPlex Civil Patrol to decide to which Security firm has rights to the processing of this investigation.” The MetroPlex Patrol has agreed to act “trusted legal counsel” in the affair.

LS officials have refused to disclose any related reports or information about this case to KIRO News, though they have electronically released the following statement. “LoneStar Police Dept.: Seattle is investigating, reporting, and filing this case as a random act of violence, by means of attempted burglary and attempted arson of SnowBlind Studios by unnamed/unidentified/unknown offender(s).”

KE officials have been more cooperative with KIRO News requests for further details and have noted that “initial findings indicate that the gun wielding assailants are presumed to be affiliated with ‘The Ancients’ street gang. The intruders upon SnowBlind Studios, have no such affiliation. The intruders are suspected to be current low-level employees who were attempting to destroy evidence of pirating sim-sense materials, production of BTL contraband, and other electronic offenses when officers arrived on scene. The correlation between the two events are unknown at this time however initial indication by tactical analysis programs indicate the gunmen were attempting to dispatch the intruders before they could enter the building. The intents of the intruders were most likely to continue their illicit activity in BTL productions and pirating.”

SnowBlind management have voluntarily assisted KE and LS officials with their investigation, though no further details about said involvement has been disclosed at this time. Also, no official statement has been given by associate from Horizon Corporation about the incident, however it is safe to believe that word has been handed down through the chain to SnowBlind management to assist in any way possible and secure corporate assets accordingly.

In closing, KIRO will continue to stream all updated material on this breaking story on our KIRO News blog interface and this reporter’s online commentaries journal. Myself, and the rest of the KIRO News team wish to extend our most sincere thoughts and well wishes to the two KE officers who are being treated for their wounds and hope for a swift and full recovery.

This is Michelle Davenport, KIRO Channel 7 Eyewitness News, reporting.
Thank you for your time, Good Night.

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