Tag: Runner


  • Ivy

    Ivy is known as a proficient hermetic mage and powerful summoner. Her reputation is mixed on her place in the shadows, though rumors of her exploits with PowerBolts and Fire Elementals are renowned in local Shadows. Is known to be once associated with the …

  • Saint James

    Saint James is a relatively new fixer to the Seattle scene; before this, he was a shadowrunner under the handle of "The Saint". In his former days, he worked with one of the most successful fixers around Seattle. When that fixer was forcibly retired, he …

  • "The King"

    “The King” has a decent rep in the shadows and many know of him or have seen him, but it seems no one knows anything about him.

  • Astrid

    Astrid has worked in the shadows in North America and Europe obtaining a decent rep. She has established herself as a freelance support/off-site Hacker who specializes in security systems and game theoretical analysis. A capable hacker in her own right, …