The Styx

The Styx is a diverse Night Club catering to a variety of tastes. Located in Northwest Downtown District, The Styx is a three story complex, (2 top floors, one sub-floor) with each floor dedicated to different themes. the 1st and sub-floor are open to the public (waiting times vary: average 15-30 minutes)

1st Floor: “Hear No Evil”
The main floor is a casual dining environment offering a diverse range of cuisine choices as well as small smoking lounges and informal bars. The IT platform for this floor uses no AR or virtual connection and squelches out comm-traffic. Patrons are encouraged to turn off all broadcasting devices to allow them to disconnect, relax, and enjoy a good meal/drink. Reservations are encouraged and parties of 2-20 can be accommodated Themed accommodations can be made for birthdays, anniversaries, or business engagement. Average dinner prices ranges from 100-1K nuyen, pending the package requested.

2nd Floor: “Speak No Evil:
The top floor is an upgraded version of the first by offering a wider range of cuisine choices and formal entertainment venue, as well as a fully stocked bar. There is a decorous hardwood dance floor and stage for live acts from the notable classical and modern musician through scheduled events. The IT platform has a strict use of AR interfaces along with providing secure, “private” meeting arrangements that will cancel out any/all listening devices. Reservations are strongly encouraged for party events, however a cover charge is required for all non-reserved seating. Themed accommodations can be made for birthdays, anniversaries, or business engagement seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Average dinner prices and extras range from 1K-7K nuyen, pending the package requested.

Sub-Floor: “See No Evil”
The sub-floor is a dedicated techno-dance underground rave. The open floor space is skirted by an over-extend bar that wraps around 2/3rds of the floor. Local bands, DJ’s, and outside acts play different music Wednesday through Sunday from 17:00 to 06:00. A linked two story build has been erected alongside the original build to accommodate more patrons and separate different elements such as rock, punk, thrash metal, etc. yet the sub-floor is dedicated to Techno-Rave spanning 60k Sq. Feet. Average cover charge ranges from 30-150 nuyen depending on the event(s) and acts.

The topside levels are heavily matrix and electronically secure, acting on their own independent networks with not outside connection to the Matrix. Physical security is monitored outside with Awakened over watch and Spirit protection (Rating 4: Physical/Magic); the sublevel consists of heavy physical security (bouncers) that inter-dispersed amongst the crowd and ever vigilant and heavy magical wards/overwatch are placed in the area (Rating 4 Physical; Rating 5 Magical)

All patrons are scanned heavily for weapons prior to entry; magically active patrons are tagged with a watch for security reasons. Law Enforcement/ Security Members tied to patrons/parties are permitted limited carry with proper credentials. Any acts of violence are dealt with immediately and with extreme sanction.

Membership: Costs

  • Membership packages are available for particular levels
  • 1st Floor: “Hear No Evil”: 200/month- 1800/year
  • 2nd Floor: “Speak No Evil: 500/month-6K/year
  • Sub-Floor: “See No Evil”: 350/month-4K/year
  • Gold Members: Access to 1st and 2nd: 5k/year; 15% discount on all packages
  • Platinum Members: Access to all floors: 10K/year; no extend fees on packages; no waiting/reservations needed
  • Lifetime Members: Access to all Floors: 100k/negotiable (options/ choices); no waiting/reservations needed

The Styx

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