The White Orchid

Location: Loveland: Puyallup: Seattle

The White Orchid is a large two story building that was once an office complex. Though tailored to a more modern, Neo-Tokyo style genre popular with many Japanese Asians in the area, the club is open to the UCAS public, though biased against Trolls, Orks.

The White Orchid is a popular night club controlled by the Kenran-gumi Yakuza in the area. The first floor is dedicated to general dance club blasting techno and rave style music. The second story is more quiet and relaxed. The second story is reserved for older / mature clientele offering refined to exotic tastes.

The Kenran yaks control the business end of the club leaving the security to their off-shoot muscle the White Orchids and Red Tails. Orchids and Red Tails use the club as a hang-out and meeting ground to conduct Kenran business.

The White Orchid

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