Brittany and Bailey


Brittany and Bailey are attractive Ork girls of Puerto Rican decent with dark hair and eyes, favoring the latest fashions. The twins have a shared reputation for acting as quiet and efficient body guard duo. They are the staple bodyguards of Rolando.


Brittany and Bailey are the assumed names of identical twin sisters, born from a fraternal brood of 4 children of a single, immigrant Ork mother. They grew up in the poorer side of Hamilton Heights of Harlem in New York City. At a young age, the family was walking home from the corner grocery store in the late afternoon when they were caught in the middle of the crosswalk when the traffic light changed. The automated municipal bus accelerated and plowed through the scurrying pedestrians which killed their mother and their two other siblings. The two sisters were suddenly left orphaned.

Local security forces took the girls and placed them into wards of the state. The two girls were then legally registered as UCAS citizens and placed into the foster care system. The twins were shuffled from home to home till they were taken in by a Latino family in East Newtown in NYC. Their adopted parents and assumed siblings were loyal and deep-rooted members of the Latin Eagles Gang. The two sisters were initiated into the gang at age fourteen and were soon making courier runs, passing off various contrabands throughout the city.

The two sisters were very protective of each other often switching roles with one acting as courier and the other protection. The duo obediently followed orders from the gang bosses and fiercely protected their given packages and each other from harm and dirty deals. The two girls caught the eye of a young mafia street enforcer.

The enforcer took the twins under his wing and began to train them to be enforcers like him. During a meet, the sister took on the assumed role of escorts while acting as the enforcers muscle. An altercation broke out as “soldiers” from a rival family attempted to raid the supply depot where the meet was being held. The sisters protected their charge and escaped. The enforcer and the twins went underground for a short while and reemerged onto the Seattle scene. The twins were given new identities and took on their assumed names of Brittany and Bailey.

Brittany and Bailey

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