Tag: Fixer


  • Ivy

    Ivy is known as a proficient hermetic mage and powerful summoner. Her reputation is mixed on her place in the shadows, though rumors of her exploits with PowerBolts and Fire Elementals are renowned in local Shadows. Is known to be once associated with the …

  • Marseilles

    Little known, low end fixer out of Seattle. Works in info brokerage on the physical as well as on the Matrix.

  • Saint James

    Saint James is a relatively new fixer to the Seattle scene; before this, he was a shadowrunner under the handle of "The Saint". In his former days, he worked with one of the most successful fixers around Seattle. When that fixer was forcibly retired, he …

  • Rolando

    Although very mafioso in his character, Rolando is not recognized with any known Italian syndicate, locally or abroad. Has a modest reputation locally as a general, all-around fixer and fence covering a variety of outlets.

  • Manny

    He knows some good shadow talent, particularly in the field of magic. He also has a few contacts in Seattle's tribal and corporate cultures and is known as an expert in the city's unwritten street history. Anyone seeking street or magical information or …

  • Rome Legatus

    Much of Rome's background beyond his dealings in the shadows is a mystery as if he were a shadowrunner himself, however the way in which he treats runners contradicts such thoughts. A very accomplished fixer in his own right however he stands by the view …